Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Hello everyone! Hope you are well! Today I have a review for you on the Sigma E39 Buff & Blend BrushBelieve it or not this is my first time using a Sigma brush! I have always been curious about the brand but have never tried them. So when I was contacted by to try one out I was very excited!

I'm not a pro when it comes to eye shadow application so I really like to use good quality brushes to help me achieve my look. We all know that blending is super important and good tools really do make all the difference!

I've been using this brush every morning for about a week now and these are my thoughts!


I really like the design of this brush. It's lightweight and feels like it's well made. The smooth wooden handle is comfortable to hold and is durable and scratch resistant due to multiple layers of paint applied. The metal ferrule feels like it's attached very securely to the wooden handle. 

Overall this brush has a nice sleek minimal look and a very nice quality feel.

I really like how the name of the brush is clearly written on the handle.

The bristles of this brush are very soft and gentle on the skin. They are packed quite densely and are rounded which allows the brush to perform in multiples ways. The densely packed fibers make this brush great for precise application and packing on color. The rounded top blends eye shadows out softly and diffuses any harsh lines.

This brush is made with synthetic fibers and can be used with powders or cream products. The fibers are antibacterial and hypoallergenic and they feel like they will maintain their shape and structure over time and multiple washing.

I really enjoyed how soft the bristles felt on my eyes and how easy it was to apply and blend out my shadows.

The E39 is a great brush if you are looking for a good quality multitasking tool that is affordable. It can be used for precise application of color or used to apply & blend color to the crease and outer lid areas. It's great for blending out harsh lines, adding highlight to specific areas or just deepening up the crease. Very versatile!

Overall I really enjoy using this brush. It feels well made, it's affordable and can be used to achieve a variety of looks. I love how soft the bristles are and how great this brush performs. I will definitely be checking out more from this brand!

You can find a full selection of Sigma Beauty at Nail Polish Canada.

I hope you enjoyed & thanks for reading!


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