Thursday, 5 May 2016

COCONUT OIL Saved My Hair!

Hello everyone! Hope you're well! So today I wanted to talk about the amazing Coconut Oil and how it's pretty much transformed the condition of my hair. Before I started my journey to using more natural beauty products I had an army of hair lotions and potions stationed in my bathroom. There was a bottle for all my hair to tame frizz, one to repair split ends, add shine, add volume etc. etc.

These products worked fine for awhile but "underneath it all" my hair was not in very good shape. It was dry, brittle, coarse, unruly, dull and lifeless. Every morning I would pile on product after product not even thinking that maybe all those chemicals, fragrances & dyes were actually the culprits!

So I started using more natural shampoos and conditioners which helped but I really needed something ultra nourishing, repairing and healing for my hair. That's when I started using Coconut Oil routinely and I saw amazing changes in the overall health and condition of my hair.

I have been using Coconut Oil routinely once per week (usually on a Sunday) for about 3 months now. I put on an old shirt and saturate my scalp and hair with the oil. I really take some time and give myself a good head massage really stimulating my scalp with the pads of my fingers and getting the blood flowing. I also make sure to work the oil into every strand from root to tip.

I then put my hair up with a hair claw/clip and take a plastic grocery bag and put that over my hair (so attractive!) and secure it so that the heat from my head is trapped in the bag and warms the oil helping it penetrate more deeply. I leave this on for at least 2 hours or more (if possible) before washing. (overnight is great if you can)

I swear after 3 months of doing this weekly my hair is thicker, definitely shinier, softer and not as frizzy, it has more volume and my ends are no longer split and ratty looking. My scalp is also healthier. It's no longer dry and tight or itchy. Before I started doing this treatment every time I would wash my hair quite a bit of it would fall out which always freaked me out. Hair oiling with coconut Oil has diminished that as well!


Coconut Oil is loaded with nourishing vitamins and minerals and it also has natural antimicrobial properties. It's rich in lauric acid which is a medium chain fatty acid that can strengthen hair structure and moisturizes dry, tight, itchy scalps.

It's important to use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because it hasn't been refined or stripped of all it's valuable nutrients and it smells amazing as well!

Coconut Oil is probably the most used and most versatile "beauty/health product" that I have in my house. I not only use it for my hair but it's also great as a body moisturizer, shaving "cream" substitute, a facial cleanser/make up remover and also a frizz tamer for fly away hairs.

I also use it to cook and spread it on my toast instead of butter. The list goes on and on of all the amazing ways you can use this incredible oil!

I hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for reading!