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Smoothie bowls have quickly become a morning staple for me! They are such a great way to get a variety of nutrients in one simple blend. I especially love how quick and effortless they are...and filling!

I've been finding some really nice, beautifully ripe strawberries at the grocery store lately so I really wanted to use them in a smoothie bowl. I topped this luscious pink blend with some sliced kiwi, shredded unsweetened coconut, chia seeds and cacao nibs for a little crunch.


I love having smoothies for breakfast. Until recently I always drank them in a tall glass. When I saw my first smoothie bowl I had to give it a try and now I'm hooked! It's such a great idea and it's a really great way to pack more nutrients into your blend. I also love the contrast between textures, depending on what you've topped your smoothie bowl with.


I have become slightly obsessed with nice cream lately. Maybe it's the warm weather but I crave this creamy, refreshing delight almost everyday. The great thing about nice cream is that you CAN have it everyday because it's a sweet treat that's good for you!
Nice cream is quick and simple to make and requires minimal ingredients. All you need is some frozen fruit and a blender.


Potato wedges are my favorite way to eat spuds! They are extremely satisfying and filling and of course they compliment most dishes. For this meal I had leftover Gazpacho so I paired it with some golden wedges for a delicious supper.
POTATOES are nutritious and delicious! They are high in potassium, vitamin B6, copper, vitamin C, phosphorus, manganese, fiber, vitamin B3 and pantothenic acid. Potatoes are easy to digest, have anti inflammatory properties and because of their high potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc content they are beneficial for good skin health.


Chia seeds are a staple in my kitchen. I throw them on salads, oatmeal, in smoothies and make a super simple and delicious pudding with them. Chia pudding is such a versatile dish. You can eat it with fruit, nuts, seeds, top it with granola, coconut yogurt or layer it "parfait style" with berries or fruit purees just to name a few of it's endless possibilities.

For this recipe I topped it with a chia, hemp and buckwheat cereal, some fresh berries and added some Spirulina powder to the basic chia pudding recipe to get this beautiful turquoise color.


Hello everyone! I love starting my day with a nutrient dense smoothie. It so much fun to experiment with different flavor combinations and textures. Having your smoothie in a bowl is a great opportunity to get even more healthy ingredients into your blend. 
This smoothie bowl has a nice contrast of flavors. The pineapple and mango give it a tropical vibe with toasted, sweet & sour toppings and a slightly nutty flavor from the Maca.


Hello everyone! Gazpacho is the perfect dish on a hot summers day. It's light and refreshing, savory and satisfying. It's the kind of dish that gets better the longer it sits, so any leftovers will be super flavorful. I like my Gazpacho on the chunky side but you can make it smoother if you prefer that consistency.
I usually serve Gazpacho with some toasted bread brushed with extra virgin olive oil and cut up avocado. The crunchiness of the bread dipped into the savory Gazpacho and the smooth and creamy avocado is the perfect combination of flavors and textures.


Hello everyone! Chocolate and cherries are one of my favorite combinations. They compliment each other beautifully! This chocolate cherry nice cream is luscious, decadent, extremely satisfying and very easy to make. It's a perfect "guilty free" dessert or snack option.
CHERRIES contain powerful antioxidant properties. They are high in fiber and vitamin C. They also have anti-inflammatory properties.
RAW CACAO is considered a superfood that is high in magnesium, zinc, calcium, sulfur, copper, iron, potassium and manganese. It has powerful antioxidant properties and contains some B vitamins, protein and fiber.

FACE OF THE DAY - Using RMS Beauty, Tarte & Burt's Bees

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great day! Today's post is a FOTD featuring some natural products from RMS Beauty, Tarte and Burt's Bees. I don't have a whole lot of time to get ready in the morning so I like to keep things simple. As you may know I've been trying to use more natural products that deliver results and that are easy to use. I think (for now) I've found a good line up of things that are working well and that are giving me the look(s) I'm going for.
My "everyday" face is pretty basic. I try to keep my make up as natural looking as possible enhancing my features rather than masking them.
So let's take a look at the products I used!

"UN" COVER UP 22: I use this amazing little product as my foundation & concealer. I apply it with my fingers concentrating o…

BURT'S BEES LIP SHIMMERS - Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Hope all is well! Today I'll be talking about the fantastic Lip Shimmers from Burt's Bees. These little gems have been around awhile but I have just recently given them a good try and I absolutely love them! I have 5 shades that I will be reviewing today ranging from an everyday nude to a rich, deep and dramatic plum.
I was really surprised to see how pigmented these Lip Shimmers are...especially the deeper shades. They glide on easily and are somewhat build-able. They have a slight peppermint scent and flavor and provide a cooling sensation on the lips. I find them to be quite moisturizing and very comfortable to wear. Some of these Shimmers are more "shimmery" than others. We'll look at them individually in the pictures that follow. 
The wear time on these differs. The lighter shades tend to fade on me after a few hours but the deeper/darker shades tend to stick around a bit longer. 
So let's take a closer look!



Hello everyone! Hope you are well! Today I have a review for you on theSigma E39 Buff & Blend Brush. Believe it or not this is my first time using a Sigma brush! I have always been curious about the brand but have never tried them. So when I was contacted by to try one out I was very excited!
I'm not a pro when it comes to eye shadow application so I really like to use good quality brushes to help me achieve my look. We all know that blending is super important and good tools really do make all the difference!
I've been using this brush every morning for about a week now and these are my thoughts!
I really like the design of this brush. It's lightweight and feels like it's well made. The smooth wooden handle is comfortable to hold and is durable and scratch resistant due to multiple layers of paint applied. The metal ferrule feels like it's attached very securely to the wooden handle. 
Overall this brush has…

TARTE COSMETICS - Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Hope you're well! I have a review for you today on some Tarte Cosmetics that I picked up the other day and have been obsessed with ever since! This is (believe it or not) my first time using anything from Tarte. Why? I have no idea! The products are so lovely I can't believe it took me this long to try something! 
Tarte Cosmetics is a brand that focuses on keeping allot of those nasty chemicals out of their products. They are paraben, mineral oil, phthalate, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate & gluten free as well as cruelty free & vegan friendly! Now that I'm on a mission to use cleaner & greener products this line is a perfect fit!
So let's take a closer look!

Tarte offers a wide range of skincare & make up products that are infused with healthy skin invigorating ingredients like vitamins, minerals, essential oils and antioxidants that are derived from superfruits and botanicals. They are also formulated without the use of harsh chemica…

BURT'S BEES LIPSTICKS - Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Hope you're well! Today I wanted to share with you a couple of lipsticks that I picked up not too long ago and that I am really enjoying. They are from Burt's Bees which is a nice quality, very accessible and affordable natural line. I have always been a fan of their Tinted Lip Balms and Lip Shimmers so when I saw these at my local Walmart I couldn't resist giving them a try!
So let's take a closer look at these little beauties!

These lipsticks come in a pretty good range of shades. I believe there are 14 colors available...from soft wearable nudes to bold and vamp-y reds & berries. They are 100% natural and contain ingredients like Beeswax, Moringa Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E.

I am a lover of nudes so I chose the two lightest shades that were in stock. Both of these shades have a decent amount of pigmentation and provide a smooth satin finish. They have an interesting texture...almost a…


Hello everyone! Hope you are well! Today I'm excited to share with you my favorite natural make up line that I've been using for a couple of months now. Make up was the first thing that I changed out when I decided to take a more natural approach to beauty. As much as I love it I always felt like my skin was suffocating and becoming more and more congested every time I applied it. So I wanted to find something that contained natural ingredients, felt lightweight on my skin and delivered results. I found all of those things with RMS BEAUTY!
So let's take a closer look at this beautiful brand!
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