Monday, 28 July 2014


Hello everyone! Hope you are all well! Today I wanted to review a new lippie that I picked up the other day. It's the lovely "Role Play" Lip Gel from Marc Jacobs and it has quickly become my perfect "go to" shade for effortless chic everyday wear. This lipstick is absolute perfection...everything from the packaging...formulation to the shade. I'm loving it!

So let's take a closer look at this little lovely!


So let's start with the packaging. It's sleek and minimal which I really like. It has a nice weight to it and feels substantial in the hand. The neat thing about the case is that it has a magnetized closure so when you put the cap on it snaps into place and feels quite secure.

The formula is not like a traditional lipstick. It's a lip "gel" which has a cushy/jelly cream consistency that is really comfortable on. It feels plush, silky and lightweight and is quite moisturizing as well.

I would describe the color as a neutral dusty rose/pink/nude that is so flattering and really feminine. It has great pigmentation and is quite long lasting. One swipe gives lovely smooth hydrating coverage that lasts (on me) for approximately 3-4 hours.

Role Play is such a great color for everyday wear or if you are (like me) a lover of nudes. It has just the right amount of color to add some brightness to the face without washing you out. It's a soft, feminine and classic color that adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

I absolutely love the way this lippie feels on. It's super smooth and wraps your lips in creamy lightweight saturated color. It has a slight sheen which adds a touch of freshness and youthfulness to the finish. I find it wears away very evenly (after 3-4 hours) and doesn't settle into or accentuate the lines in my lips. It has a slight vanilla scent that is quite pleasant and is a real joy to apply. I will definitely be going back for more! Love it!

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