Sunday, 27 July 2014


Hello beauties! Hope you are all well! Today I wanted to review a super fun and playful lipstick that I purchased a while ago and have just recently been really enjoying and using quite a bit. It's MAC's Vegas Volt and it's such a lovely bright pop of color...perfect for Spring/Summer time wear!

So let's take a closer look at this bright beauty!


Vegas Volt comes in an "Amplified" finish which has a creamy and smooth feel when applied. It hugs the lips with creamy comfort and I find it doesn't dry out my lips. It also wears well...I can get approximately 3-4 hours before I feel the need to re-apply.

As you can see in the swatch pictures above...this lippie is very opaque and has great pigmentation. With just one swipe it gives amazing vibrancy and creamy even coverage.

I love this shade because it's very versatile. I find that if applied lightly it has a beautiful soft coral quality and when applied full on you get that dramatic intense beautiful "over the top" bright orange tone...both (I think) look amazing on warmer skin tones.

Being a lover of nudes and natural "my lips but better" shades I tend to apply this lipstick with a light hand. I usually just dab it on until I build up to the color that I want...which is usually a soft coral shade. I love how this shade brightens up my face and adds a touch of playfulness to an other wise simple look. It's such a Summer-y color that looks festive and fun!

In these next pictures I tried to capture the vibrancy of this shade. Dabbed on gently (above) it takes on a really pretty soft coral-y tone and worn full on (below) it looks more like a vibrant coral-y/orange shade. Either way it's lovely and such a fun pop of color!

I usually pair this lipstick with a simple defined eye...peachy cheeks and a touch of bronzer. It just reminds me of Summer and looks amazing on tanned glow-y skin. I've also used this lippie as a cream blush. It adds a lovely flush of color to the cheeks and works great if you are in a rush! A few dots to the apples of the cheeks...a little dabbed onto the lips and a black bit of mascara and you're all set!

Overall this lipstick is great if you want a nice vibrant pop of color that can be worn full on or dabbed on for a softer look. It has nice creamy highly pigmented coverage that applies smoothly and evenly and it doesn't dry out the lips! Highly recommend Vegas Volt for a fun Summer-y look!

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