Friday, 20 June 2014

CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM ~ Brightens & Tightens!

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing a product that I picked up super cheap at Winners not long ago and have become a huge fan of. It's Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and I have to say it's quite an amazing product! If you're looking for something that hydrates...smooths, brightens and tightens the skin than this product might be for you!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a very versatile product. It can be worn alone to perfect the look of your skin...worn under make up as a "primer" or "base" or it can be used as a mask to deeply hydrate and repair dry skin. Sounds pretty great...right?

Let's take a closer look!


Let's start off by talking about the ingredients. Beauty Flash Balm contains Witch Hazel & Olive Tree Extracts which help tighten the skin & promote radiance. It also contains Algae which has a revitalizing effect and Rice Starch which can help purify the skin.

The texture of this product is lightweight, smooth and creamy and it absorbs into the skin quickly. A few seconds after I apply it I notice my skin looks slightly more firm...a touch plumper and feels very hydrated. It also imparts a healthy (non greasy) glow and seems to smooth and slightly perfect the texture of the skin. It does have kind of a "cosmetic" or slight "perfume-y" scent that is quite noticeable when you first apply it but I find fades within 10-15 minutes.

Another thing to note is that if you have very oily skin (like me) this product may make you a tad "shinier" throughout the day. It's not really a "greasy" look to the skin...just more of a "glow-y" JLO kind of shine...if that makes any sense! This usually happens (for me) around mid afternoon and more so on those days that are warmer or more humid. So to correct this I simply blot with a tissue and it seems to be fine.

For me Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a skin pick me up. It seems to revitalize tired looking, dull and lack luster skin...instantly perking it up and adding a pretty healthy glow. It works great alone to beautify and hydrate the skin or as a base/primer for make up...creating the perfect smooth canvas for your foundation.

I also love using this product as a mask on those days that my skin looks like it needs a little extra TLC or boost of hydration. I apply a thin layer all over my face & neck and leave it on for approximately 15-20 minutes before removing with a wet warm wash cloth. I've also used this as a moisturizer overnight and in the morning my skin looks like I've been to the spa...completely revitalized and refreshed!


This product can be worn morning & night on freshly cleansed skin. It is suggested that you apply it in a very thin layer by gently and quickly patting/pressing it into the skin (do not rub or massage into the skin) If wearing under make up apply foundation immediately after application.

Overall I think this is a wonderful product! I love it's versatility and how it makes my skin look whether I'm using it as a base/moisturizer or a mask. It gives my skin a more youthful appearance and a lovely healthy glow!

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  1. never heard of this..thanks for sharing..happy weekend

    1. Thank you Luv! Happy weekend to you too!